FASE Certification Level I

FASE Certification Level I - for independent practitioner in medical-legal issues in the field of forensic anthropology

Checklist of the application requirements:

1. proof of a Master  degree in biological or forensic anthropology or related field plus proof of MD or PhD degree in biological or forensic anthropology or a related field

2. full narrative on the training related to forensic anthropology

3. proof of continuing education in forensic anthropology

4. two case reports

5. list of cases (minimum 20 forensic anthropology cases as an expert)

6. evidence of at least 5 years of experience in case work

All applicants need to be members of FASE prior to applying for certification

For established practitioners practicing for at least 15 years. certification as honoris causa may be granted based upon their CV, qualifications, academic status, and professional experience. To be considered for honoris causa, the candidate needs to submit all documents required for Level I certification.

The certification process is performed in two phases:

1. Initial evaluation of the CV and other documents. It is emphasized that incomplete application will result in the application not being further considered for evaluation. The candidates will be informed about the outcome of this evaluation.

2. Candidates who pass the initial evaluation will need to attend a written and practical examination. Level I candidates need to fulfill the same requirements as Level II candidates plus complete a practical oral examination that will focus on two case scenarios.
The written exam consists of questions on forensic anthropology theory, methods, and general knowledge. The practical exam for both Level I and Level II candidates consist of specimen evaluation including assessment of fragmentary remains, human/non-human identification, taphonomy, aspects of the biological profile, and pathological changes/trauma.  

Individual aspects of the examination are considered as passed when candidate achieves a result of 80% or more.

At the present time, the certification covers the expertise concerning only remains of the deceased, not the assessment of the living.

Additional information about the evaluation process of the certification exams:

The exams will be corrected anonymously by the attending members of the certification committee.

The results for the written part of the examination will be provided immediately after the exam. Candidates will be notified whether they have achieved 80% or more in the exam, which are required for them to be able to continue the examination process by taking the second part of the exam.

The overall results and the final decision on the certification status of the candidates will be announced within one week after the examination by email.

The candidates who had been approved to undertake the examination, but failed the written or the oral part of the exam are welcome to re-take the part that they failed. The candidates do not need to pay any additional fees. The candidates need to notify Professor Eugenia Cunha (cunha@ci.uc.pt) if they wish to re-take the exam during the next certification round.

If you have any queries about the certification process please contact Professor Eugenia Cunha (cunha@ci.uc.pt)

Information about next certification, date, venue and fees