FASE Basic Course 2018

FASE Basic Course in Forensic Anthropology and One-Day Symposium 2018


The workshop is designed to provide not only theoretical lectures about topics such as biological profile, time since death, personal identification and cause and manner of death, but also practical sessions related to these topics.

The course will be divided in two parts. The first « morning » part will be dedicated to oral presentations held by renowned experts in the field, including Prof. Pascal Adalian, Prof. Eric Baccino, Prof. Cristina Cattaneo, Prof. Eugénia Cunha, Prof Philippe Lefèvre, Prof. Ann Ross, Prof. Douglas Ubelaker, Dr. Zuzana Obertova and Dr. Anja Petaros. 
The second « afternoon » part will be dedicated to practical sessions. Besides presenting the main topics of forensic anthropology, including biological profile construction, trauma analysis and taphonomy, the lectures and hands-on-it sessions will also focus on such issues as forensic facial reconstruction, laboratory management procedures, or writing forensic reports and witnessing in the court.


One-Day Symposium 2018 –  Saturday 22nd September 2018 at Faculty of Medicine  in Marseille (France) 

The one-day Symposium provides the opportunity to share your research in the form of oral (10 min) or poster presentations.