FASE at the 19th IAFS Meeting, MADEIRA - Portugal (September 2011)


The Triennial IAFS Meeting was organized in Madeira, Portugal in September 2011. Simultaneously, the venue hosted also the 9th Triennial Meeting of World   Police Medical Officers and the 5th Meeting of the Mediterranean Academy of Forensic Sciences. More than 1 700 participants from 109 different countries attended these three meetings.
FASE acted as one of the scientific sponsors of the meeting. FASE activities during the meeting included the organization of the workshop in Facial reconstruction and the Scientific Session of the Society dedicated to new developments in forensic anthropology. The Scientific Session included three invited lectures.

Douglas Ubelaker presented new methods in estimating time since death and species determination; Gerald Quatrehomme focused on forensic bone trauma analysis; and Ann Ross discussed the advantages of 3D geometric morphometrics and ID classification of crania for forensic scientists.

In addition, during the session the presentation entitled 'International Certification in Forensic Anthropology: The next step' by Ross A., Cattaneo C., Martrille L., Baccino E., Kimmerle E., Baraybar J. P., Ubelaker D. and Cunha E. was presented. It provoked a heated discussion, in which several conflicting opinions were raised. As a consequence, FASE decided to postpone the launch of the certification and give one more opportunity to discuss the initiative at the next FASE assembly in Istanbul in July 2012.