16th April 2017

ISDM-IAPO-2017: 17th International Symposium on Dental Morphology (ISDM) & 2nd congress of International Association for Paleodontology (IAPO), 4-7 Oct 2017 Bordeaux (France)

The 17th International Symposium on Dental Morphology (ISDM) and 2nd congress of the International Association for Paleodontology (IAPO) will take place in Bordeaux, France, from 4-7 October, 2017. It will be hosted by PACEA (Unité Mixte de Recherche 5199) at the University of Bordeaux, at the domaine du Haut-Carré in Talence.

ISDM-IAPO is an interdisciplinary symposium, bringing together researchers in anatomy, palaeoanthropology, palaeontology, archaeology, dentistry, genetics, biology and biomechanics, focussing on various themes: dental evolutionary changes, teeth in archaeology, dental growth and development, biomechanical aspects of the masticatory apparatus, odontology, pathology and oral health in present and past populations, evo-devo of hard tissues and new methods in dental studies.

Abstract submission deadline:  April 23rd, 2017

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11th April 2017

The 36th ANTHROPOLOGY AND HEALTH CONFERENCE 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia 16-18 June 2017

The 36th Anthropology and Health Conference 2017: Anthropology in the Service of Global Health will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 16-18, 2017. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is April 30th 2017 with no registration fee.

The Conference will precede the 10th ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine, which will be held June 19-24, 2017 at the hotel Palace Dubrovnik.

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10th April 2017

BAHID 2017 Conference / MIGRATION AND IDENTIFICATION/ 19-21 May 2017, Manchester

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19th Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology, at Liverpool John Moores University from 8-10 September 2017

The deadline for abstract submission : June 9

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6th April 2017

IALM Youth Section is creating Working Groups dedicated to the development of the following projects:

-Personal Identification of Human Remains and Bio-Medical Sciences

-Approach to Forensic Radiology. The situation in different Forensic Institutes around the world.

-Post Mortem  Interval and Bio-Medical Sciences.

All colleagues under 35 years of age who are interested in participating in one of the projects should contact referents no later than 31st of May 2017.

IALM web page



12th Meeting of the Society for Anthropology (GfA), 18 to 22 September 2017 at Geislingen a. d. Steige (Germany)

The 12th International Meeting of the Society of Anthropology focuses on this prominent socio-political topic. Case studies and theories from archaeological, forensic and historical research will complement the biological and ethological framework.

The scientific programme is open for all aspects of anthropology and human biology, including contributions from biology, ethology and the cultural sciences. Interdisciplinary presentations are welcome. Scientists with a special focus on the meeting's central theme will appear as invited speakers. Contributions in English and German will be equally accepted. Abstracts are to be submitted in English and posters have to feature an English abstract.

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20th March 2017

Forensic Anthropology Field School in Albania and Romania

Albania’s magnificent archaeological site at Butrint National Park is one of two primary locations for Utica College’s 14th annual Forensic Anthropology Field School course, which also includes five days in Bucharest, Romania and two days at Corfu, Greece. A truly unique international experience, ours is the only anthropology field school where participants live in three different countries and explore three fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites. No previous experience with human skeletal remains is required and participants are not required to enroll in the course to join the program. Undergraduates and graduate students may choose to enroll for six credits at the reduced tuition of $900.

Utica College, May 16 - June 8, 2017

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17th March 2017

5th International Workshop in Clinical Forensic Medicine

Diagnosis and Assessment of Child and Adult Sexual abuse and Elderly Mistreatment and abuse

Ljubljana, 12-13 May, 2017



21st February 2017

Crete 2017 Field School

Field school is organized in Crete, Greece between May 6th - May 27th 2017. The students will have opportunity to work with skeletal material from cemeteries in Crete and learn sex, age and stature estimation, to assess AM and PM trauma and to identify unique or interesting morphological variations.

Deadline for application is 30th March 2017.

More information here. 


14th February 2017

6th Summer School of Osteology and Anthropology, Pontestura, Italy

Summer School is organised for the sixth year by LABANOF (Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology)of the University of Milan (Italy) for students and practitioners from different fields, including medicine, biology, archaeology, and anthropology, who are interested in learning more about osteological analysis of ancient and modern human skeletal remains.

The Summer School consists of theoretical lectures and practical sessions. 

Although the Summer School is mainly aimed at Italian-speaking participants, many of the lecturers and teaching assistants speaks English. The teaching staff, headed by Professor Cristina Cattaneo is mostly affiliated with LABANOF,  but as in two previous years will also include Dr Robert Mann (University of Hawaii, formerly Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command Central Identification Laboratory).

Application form here.


9th February 2017

Summer school - University of Pisa

Osteoarchaeology and Paleopathology - two sessions

The Summer School in Osteoarchaeology and Paleopathology is an academic program aimed at training students in anthropological and paleopathological laboratory methods. It is an outstanding opportunity for students to gain practical experience in bioarchaeological investigation by working side-by-side with leading researchers in the field.

Localisation: Pisa, Italy

First session:

Duration: 5 - 23 June 2017

Application Deadline: 20/06/2017

More information here.


Second session:

Duration: 3 - 21 july 2017

Application Deadline: 20/06/2017

More inforamtion here.


Unbound Prometheus Program - Summer 2017

Villains, victims and forensic evidence: an introduction to forensic anthropology theory and practice

The course is designed for UG or PG students of various studies (e.g. Archaeology, Social Anthropology, Anatomy, Medicine) who seek an exposure to the discipline of forensic anthropology as a future professional path but also for any adult that would like to be familiar with the theory and practice of the discipline. Previous knowledge in anatomy is not a requirement. An overview of skeletal anatomy will be given in the beginning of the course.

Localisation: Kavala, Greece

Duration: 9 - 22 July 2017

More information here.



Odyssey Fielschool is an independent organisation that offers training in various aspects of forensic anthropology as part of a wider repatriation project currently ongoing in Cyprus.

The fieldschool ​is a practical experience in the excavation and post-excavation analysis of skeletons from a modern cemetery. The project aims in the recovery and analysis of individuals from modern burials exhumed during a process of recycling of old burials.

More information about Fieldschool here.


8th February 2017

Summer School "Acquiring and post-processing 3D data in Anthropology and Archaeology"

The summer-school in “ACQUIRING AND POST PROCESSING 3D DATA IN ANTHROPOLOGY AND ARCHAEOLOGY” is suitable for undergraduate/graduate students, PhD students, post-doctorates in the field of anthropology, archaeology, medicine and dentistry who are interested in developing basic, but fundamental, skills in 3D data acquisition and post processing.

Duration: 26 - 30 June 2017

Students/Participants Admitted: 

The summer school is open up to 30 students, with minimum of 10 participants. Since the available workstations are limited to 30, it is adviced to apply as soon as possible.

Apply no later than May 20th 2017.

More information here.


5th December 2016

2nd Annual Genetics in Forensics Congress in 17th January, free pre-congress webinar on the theme: "Advances in Genetics in Forensics"

Presented by Dieter Deforce, Professor, University of Ghent and Eugenia Cuhna, Professor, University of Coimbra. More info here.

Register here.


 30th November 2016


The 21st Triennial Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) in Toronto, Canada, August 2017, is now accepting abstract submissions!

Follow this link to visit the abstract submission page.

Visit website (www.iafstoronto2017.com) for more details about meeting, including scientific content, areas of special interest, international faculty, awards, networking opportunities, travel assistance, hotel accommodations and tourism information.


11th November 2016

2016 Society for the Study of Human Biology's symposium on Human Biology of Migration, 30th November - 2nd December 2016, Aarhus, Denmark

The aim of this international symposium is to bring together an interdisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners, including not only anthropologists and human biologists, but also researchers with a wide range of expertise and methodological backgrounds, including health, nutrition, demography and disease, to tackle questions around human migration.

Deadline for abstract submission already passed but you still can register to attend the conference.

 More information here.


10th November 2016

III Iberian Symposium on Geometric Morphometrics, 9-10th June 2017, Girona, Spain

The main objective of this third meeting is to provide a platform to promote the dissemination and exchange of knowledge among researchers and scholars interested in the application of geometric morphometrics in their analyses. This conference is aimed at all those professors, researchers, professionals and students in any field of science interested in the application of geometric morphometric within their scientific studies. Deadline for Abstract Submission is March 6th, 2017.

For more information visit webpage.



17th May 2016

5th ICFS 2016 : 18th International Conference on Forensic Sciences, August 22-23 2016 in Paris, France

The ICFS 2016: 18th International Conference on Forensic Sciences aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Forensic Sciences. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Forensic Sciences.

Call for papers: 2016-05-25


More information can be found here.


16th May 2016

5th European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology, August 11-12, 2016 in Dublin, Ireland

This scientific meeting will bring together practitioners, researchers and educators from around Europe and beyond who are engaged in the field of Forensic Archaeology.

Call for papers - If you wish to participate with an oral paper, please contact Mike Groen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible and not later than June 20th. If you wish to participate with a poster, please contact him not later than July 8th.


More information can be found here.


4th May 2016

5th Summer School of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology - Pontestura, Italy (4-9 july 2016)

This Summer School is organised for the fifth year by LABANOF (Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology)of the University of Milan (Italy) for students and practitioners from different fields, including medicine, biology, archaeology, and anthropology , who are interested in learning more about osteological analysis of ancient and modern human skeletal remains in the forensic context.

The Summer School consists of theoretical lectures and practical sessions on topics such as preparation and restoration of human skeletal remains, species identification, estimation of the post-mortem interval, reconstruction of the biological profile (estimation of sex, age, ancestry, stature, facial reconstruction), paleopathology, identification of pathological conditions, and assessment of skeletal lesions in relation to cause of death. The practical sessions include the cleaning, restoration, inventarisation, and analysis (including biological profile, assessment of pathological and traumatic lesions) of at least three skeletal individuals: one archaeological, one modern, and one cremated.

Although the Summer School is mainly aimed at Italian-speaking participants, the majority of the lecturers and teaching assistants speaks English. The accommodation for the Summer School participants is provided by the Municipality of Pontestura for free in a gym with facilities (including showers). Camp beds are provided but the participants need to bring their own bedding (eg.,  sleeping bag and pillow). Alternatively, there are a few B&B in the vicinity of Pontestura (in a 10km radius), but you need to book ahead. 

If you are interested in participating at the Summer School please fill in the Registration Form (link) and email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  along with your CV and a detailed information about your experience in anthropology (courses, workshops, exams, working experience). The registration fee is 250 Euro (except for students of specific degrees at the University of Milan).

For more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +39-02-50315678 (Dr Pasquale Poppa).


04th November 2015

CALL FOR PAPERS -Panel  "Forensic Anthropology and Human Identification in Relation to Natural Disasters" at the 2016 RAI CONFERENCE- 27-29 May 2016

A panel entitled “Forensic Anthropology and Human Identification in Relation to Natural Disasters” will be organized during the 2016 Royal Anthropological Institute Conference – Anthropology, the Weather and Climate Change (27-29 May 2016). The panel convenors would like to invite you and/or any of your colleagues to submit abstracts in relation to this topic.

You can find details of the conference and the website address for further information here.