FASE Certification

Existing certification schemes

Short summary of existing certification schemer and proposals in Europe and worldwide

FASE Certification Level I

FASE Certificate Level I aimed for independent practitioner in medical and legal issues in the field of forensic anthropology 

FASE Certification Level II

FASE Certificate Level II is suitable for the candidate with sufficient qualification for handling skeletal remains and providing assistance to senior personnel

FASE Certification 2021

Information about next certification


Honoris Causa, Independent Expert Level:

Professor Dr. Eric Baccino

Professor Dr. Jean-Pol Beauthier

Professor Dame Susan Margaret Black

Professor Dr. Miguel Botella

Professor Dr. Cristina Cattaneo

Professor Dr. Eugénia Cunha

Professor Dr. Tzipi Kahana

Professor Dr. Phillipe Lefévre

Professor Dr. Laurent Martrille

Professor Dr. Gerald Quatrehomme

Professor Dr. José Luis Prieto Carrero

Professor Dr. Ann Ross

Professor Dr. Maryna Steyn

Professor Dr. Douglas Ubelaker

Level I:

Dr. Carmen Simona Ionescu
Dr. Anja Petaros

Level II:

Dr. Maria Teresa Ferreira

Dr. Amanda Hale

Dr. Lóránt Magyar

Dr. Calil Makhoul

Dr. Dominika Nociarová

Dr. Patricia Prado

Dr. Elena Ruiz

Mélanie Henriques

Mara Karrell