Forensic Anthropology Society of Europe

The first european society of forensic anthropology

About FASE

FASE, the first European association of forensic anthropology was founded in 2003


Become a FASE and International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM) member!

FASE Certification

FASE/IALM two-level certification mainly aimed for forensic practitioners in Europe

FASE Events

Annual FASE Basic / Advance Course (alternate) + Symposium and special events

Latest news


FASE Certification 2023


Fase Basic Workshop 2022 – Crete


Fase Basic Workshop 2022 – Crete


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Welcome to FASE, the first European Association of Forensic Anthropology

Since 2003 FASE, a subsection of the International Academy of Legal Medicine, has grown tremendously in the international scenario of forensic anthropology and forensic sciences in general, promoting training, scientific meetings, research and, in the past two years, certification in Forensic Anthropology (FA).

The current political and social scenarios present new challenges to forensic anthropology and FASE as one of the leading forensic anthropology societies in Europe will have to deal with these issues and promote novel solutions which come from the discipline of anthropology. Among others, the increasing number of unidentified dead in the Mediterranean requires new identification strategies and anthropology become more and more a fundamental identifying discipline and we will need to work towards conceiving more powerful identification strategies in anthropology and devising algorithms by which to combine anthropology with non-anthropological biological data which will fulfill judicial standards.


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