Initial Evaluation – Level I


This level of certification is aimed at independent medico-legal practitioners in the field of forensic anthropology. For this level of accreditation, the following documents are required:

  1. Proof of a Masters degree in biological or forensic anthropology or related field AND proof of an MD or PhD degree in biological or forensic anthropology or a related field
  2. Short CV AND a full narrative on the training related to forensic anthropology
  3. Proof of continuing education in forensic anthropology, for example workshops or relevant research
  4. Two case reports (translated in English; the cases can be de-identified prior to sending)
  5. List of cases (minimum of 20 forensic anthropology cases as an expert)
  6. Evidence of at least 5 years of experience in case work

The complete documentation (1-6) should be e-mailed to this address by explicitly putting in the subject of the email FASE certification application

If approved, the candidate will be invited for a practical and theoretical examination.

Honoris causa certification

For established practitioners practicing for at least 15 years, certification as honoris causa may be granted based upon their CV, qualifications, academic status, and professional experience.

To be considered for honoris causa, the candidate needs to submit all documents required for Level I certification.

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