FAQ about Certification

Before being eligible to do the practical exam you have to pass the written exam. If you have failed the written exam you have to retake it in the next examination round in order to continue the examination.

If you failed the station test (practical) you cannot proceed to the oral examination (Level 1). You have to retake the station test on the next examination round.

The candidates that want to retake the exam are welcome to do so and do not need to pay any additional fees, but they need to notify the certification board by writing to this address if they wish to re-take the exam during the next certification round.

If you have already met the requirements for Level 2 certification, you do not need to retake the theoretical and practical examination (stations test) and will only need to do an additional practical examination (oral examination with two scenarios).

Knowing the diverse education of practicing forensic anthropologists in Europe and other countries, people applying to FASE certification do not need to have a master in forensic anthropology (in some countries there is no possibility to have this type of education). However, they need to have a background that can allow additional education in forensic anthropology (which you also need to prove). The related field taken in consideration are medicine, biology, bioarchaeology. Please not that you need, beside this education, prove that you have additional formal education in forensic anthropology.

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