MEPROCS (New methodologies and protocols of forensic identification by craniofacial superimposition) is a EU-funded project (FP7-SEC 2011), which aims to facilitate the application of craniofacial superimposition in forensic practice by defining protocols,  harmonizing methods and establishing best practice for this method.

MEPROCS is coordinated by the European Centre for Soft Computing. It comprises a consortium of seven partners and eight associated partners, among which CORISA (a spin-off from the University of Salerno, Italy), the European Council of Legal Medicine (Germany), the Physical Anthropology Laboratory at the University of Granada (Spain), Israel National Police, the Forensic Science Centre at the University of Coimbra (Portugal), and Guardia Civil (Spain). Two associated partners who collaborate with the project are Policia Judiciaria (Portugal) and Council of Forensic Medicine (Turkey).

FASE is collaborating with the project in exchange of know-how and experience, and also in validating protocols and methodologies, consolidating the scope of the project objectives and enhancing the implementation of the results. FASE will also be a member of the Network Advisory Board of the project in order to follow up its progress and contribute to dissemination of the results. FASE considers this project as an opportunity to establish long term international collaborations, which can result in new research proposals and projects.