Our “FASE basic workshop + Symposium 2022” in Heraklion, was a real success thanks to the work of an absolutely great team from the University of Crete!

Thank you to:
– Elena Kranioti, Associate Professor in Forensic Medicine and FASE Board Member
– Despina Flouri, Resident in Forensic Pathology
– Eleni Kontzinou, Resident in Forensic Pathology
– Dimitra Karyda, Researcher in Biology (graduate)
– Sophia Mavroudas, currently postdoc in Crete, Texas State Univ. USA
– Julieta G. Garcia Donas, currently Research Associate in Crete, Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology at the University of Dundee

You will have the opportunity to meet them all during our next “FASE 20th Anniversary Symposium” in Marseille (France).

Ann Ross’ lab would look perfectly normal were it not for the skeletons on the tables.

There are three skeletons laying flat on separate tables. Two are fairly in tact, lined up from head to toe. The third comprises several charred bones, burned after death.

Ross runs the North Carolina Human Identification & Forensics Analysis Laboratory, which contracts with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for forensic anthropological casework statewide. She examines the remains of humans to help determine how they died and, if unknown, who they were. As a professor of biological sciences at NC State, she teaches students how to do the same. 

“This is an active forensics lab,” Ross said. “It’s not your normal research lab.”

Welcome to our newly certified experts!

FASE counts 4 more certified colleagues!
We are happy to share the results of the certifications exams held in Milano on Monday the 5th of December.
We have two more experts certified with level 2, namely Ângela Bessa (Portugal) and Nicole Prata (Brasil).

Furthermore, we have two more experts with level 1: Elena Kranioti (Greece) and Carlos Palhares Machado (Brasil).

Next certification session will take place in Marseille (France) during the last week of August 2023. More info to come very soon…

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