Fase Basic Workshop 2022 – Crete

Our “FASE basic workshop + Symposium 2022” in Heraklion, was a real success thanks to the work of an absolutely great team from the University of Crete!

Thank you to:
– Elena Kranioti, Associate Professor in Forensic Medicine and FASE Board Member
– Despina Flouri, Resident in Forensic Pathology
– Eleni Kontzinou, Resident in Forensic Pathology
– Dimitra Karyda, Researcher in Biology (graduate)
– Sophia Mavroudas, currently postdoc in Crete, Texas State Univ. USA
– Julieta G. Garcia Donas, currently Research Associate in Crete, Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology at the University of Dundee

You will have the opportunity to meet them all during our next “FASE 20th Anniversary Symposium” in Marseille (France).

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